Cube Fest: Massively Multichannel Music, a three-day spatial music festival produced in partnership with ICAT and the Moss Arts Center, brought together a group of 20 international researchers and guest artists who presented original venue specific compositions, preexisting works, live performances, and a spatialized performance of Pink Floyd’s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon.

This project addresses the need to be prepared for a large-scale emergency crowd evacuation from Lane Stadium. A real-time crowd simulation system based on an accurate 3D model of Lane stadium will be implemented as well as an emergency evacuation plan with real-time crowd simulation for different emergency scenarios, like lightening or a bomb threat.

Rendering massive 3D models at high frame rates has been recognized as a challenging task. In this work, we present a device-independent parallel algorithm to achieve high-performance rendering on a multi-GPU system. To optimize the GPU usage, our algorithm seamlessly integrates with parallel LOD and CPU-GPU data streaming approaches, and solves the load-balancing issues across GPU devices.

Students of the IDEAStudio special study course, “Bridging the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities through Creative Technologies,” collaborated to deliver three one-hour workshops for elementary students during the spring 2012 semester. Participants in the course used the workshops to test progressive iterations of their Change Over Time project, which encourages students to visualize science concepts and create artistic representations of those concepts using a single sheet of paper.

The Institute of Creativity, Arts, and Technology took some of its projects on the road, bringing a group of interactive exhibitions that merged creative technologies with the arts and education to the Science Museum of Western Virginia for its “Second Saturday Science” program.

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