Cloud is an interactive art installation consisting of fifty sound- and light-emitting cloudlets that respond to other cloudlets and visitors. Those who work and live in Ballston, VA are invited to participate in community-building workshops to construct the Cloud. The work will be located in Welburn Square, a public park in Ballston, and culminate in an outdoor public event of light and sound on the evenings of October 2 and 3, 2014. Cloud will then be displayed in the lobby of Virginia Tech National Capital Region building in Arlington, VA until the end of October.

Using software, hardware, and physical tools specifically designed and constrained for this purpose, workshop participants will, under the artists' aesthetic guidance, build audio-visual cloudlets that generate and respond to light and sound. Each cloudlet consists of a Raspberry Pi computer driven by Virginia Tech’s Pd-L2ork free open source software, light and sound sensors, LEDs, and a small speaker. A vessel made of reflective metal honeycomb houses each set of components. Fifty cloudlets will be placed in a public park to form a cloud-like networked structure and grow cumulatively as more people participate in its making and activation.

Name Department College
Ivica Ico Bukvic Music College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Aki Ishida School of Architecture + Design College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Students Computer Science College of Engineering
Students School of Architecture + Design College of Architecture and Urban Studies

Sponsors: Ballston Business Improvement District; Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, & Technology; Virginia Tech Institute for Society, Culture and Environment; Virginia Tech National Capital Region

Collaborative Colleges: 
Architecture & Urban Studies
Liberal Arts & Human Sciences