IDEAStudio explores the world of mobile devices in education through the GAMES project and the Learning Transformation Research Group


The GAMES Project is a three-year, NSF-funded program addressing the need to develop transformative learning experiences that leverage video games and mobile technologies. The focus is to target the learning of pre-algebraic fraction concepts in middle school students by examining links between motivation, engagement, and fraction proficiency. Michael A Evans, an ICAT affiliate faculty member in Learning Sciences and Technology, is teamed with faculty and students from mathematics, psychology, computer science, and educational research to design and build a suite of games for use on mobile devices. The LTRG is currently working with schools in Montgomery County, Floyd County, and Danville City. Faculty investigators on this project include Osman Balci; Computer Science, Mido Chang; Educational Research and Evaluation, Kirby Deater-Deckard; Psychology, and Anderson Norton; Mathematics. You can learn more about the LTRG and the GAMES project at

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