The 2016 Spatial Music Workshop at Virginia Tech: Call for Proposals

The second Spatial Music Workshop will take place at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech from August 1 – 5, 2016. The workshop will consist of sessions on spatialization techniques, software systems for spatialization, discussions of current research in spatialization, and listening to electronic music composed for large numbers of speakers. Each participant will have a significant amount of independent studio time to compose and experiment in The Cube, a 3D sound system outfitted with 147 speakers (124 JBL SCS 8, 4 Meyer UMS-1P, 10 JBL LSR6328P, and 9 Holosonic AS-24), as well as the Perform Studio, which houses a 24.4 channel surround speaker array (24 Genelec 8030A, 4 Genelec 7060B). On the last day of the workshop, participants will publicly share their work and experiments undertaken in The Cube, and will receive a binaural recording of multichannel work created during the workshop.

The workshop is open to composers, sound engineers, acoustic researchers, or anyone else for whom 3D spatial audio is highly pertinent to their work.  In order to apply, send an email to detailing your musical background and technical skills, what you hope to accomplish with spatial sound, a link to an online portfolio of your work in digital audio, and a brief description of how participation in the workshop would be advantageous for your work. Please use “Spatial Music Workshop 2016” as the subject heading. We require that participants be conversant with digital audio sound systems and fluent with computer music software such as Max/MSP or SuperCollider. Work will be undertaken on the Mac OS X platform. Please apply by January 15th, 2016.

Specifications for the Cube can be seen here:

There is no cost to attend the workshop, but participants will be responsible for their costs of travel to Blacksburg, and lodging.

Monday, August 1, 2016